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  • Thank you! - 25/5/2017

    Thank you, this was a really successful event. Super-entertaining, very good lecturer. Absolutely recommendable!

    (Malte Jordan aus Bremen – aus ‚ English for Refugees and Asylum Seekers‘ – Bremen in May 2017).


  • Thanks so much - 8/3/2017

    Hello Sabine,
    it was really very funny with you and the other midwives and I am so happy that I booked this course!
    Thanks so much for all and we see us again in May!
    Greetings and hugs to you
    Astrid (Midwife from Hamburg, March 2017)

  • Thanks - 13/9/2016

    Dear Sabine,

    a big thank you to you for the vivid course and warmest
    greetings from Happy Town = Glücksstadt / Germany. I really loved your course and I am happy to come again. I love it when things are taught very ‚easy and not being deadly serious. And in your course all of us were allowed to be so beautiful silly :)! You have a magic kind, to teach the ‚stuff‘.

    It has really felt good to be your student on that day!

    Many, many kind greetings ,


    PS : Actually, Ms. Thieme is a Georg 😊…. (Petra, PICU Nurses from Hamburg, September 2016)

  • Thanks - 13/9/2016

    Silke was again great. Thanky ou so much for a great workshop in Carlow. (August 2016, Daniel Barron, Manager of the Language School in Carlow / Ireland)

  • Thank you - 20/5/2016

    Dear Sabine

    Thank you for the day yesterday , I think the group really benefited from it,- I think the your enthusiasm and passion really came through on the day and it was nice to meet you.

    With regards
    Laurel Neame
    Senior Matron
    Workforce and Education @ Medway NHS Foundation Trust

  • Thanks - 1/12/2015

    The handout will help me! (Julia, Nurse, Aarau, November 2015)

  • Thanks - 1/12/2015

    The openness, it was simple, warm and small group and good choice of subject – that is what I liked about this course (Christina, Nurse, Arau, November 2015)

  • Thanks - 1/12/2015

    Everyone was made to speak English in order to deposit the shyness (Wenke, Nurse – Soldier, Bundeswehrkrankenhaus, Westerstede, November 2015)

  • Thanks - 1/12/2015

    1 week would be good for this course (Nurse – Soldier, Bundeswehrkrankenhaus, Westerstede, November 2015)

  • Thanks - 1/12/2015

    Practical exercises I found very good and the relaxed way of the lecturers (Nurse – Soldier, Bundeswehrkrankenhaus, Westerstede, November 2015)

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