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Hello, I’m Stefanie. I was born in Berlin and did my nursing training there too.

Like many other kids I studied English at school, but unfortunately I was far to interested in all the other things life had to offer me as a teenager!

My interest in the English language didn’t truly begin until I went travelling through Australia and then onto the UK.  After a painful start, complete with embarrassing moments which still make me chuckle, I realised that it takes more than my school English when tackling the daily tasks of life and working as a nurse in an English speaking country…to understand those ‘wee’ nuances they don’t teach you at school that are part and parcel of a different culture and language.

Looking back, I think I would have benefited from what ‘English for nurses’ has to offer: a place to ask questions, a forum for learning and sharing, with people who went through all that themselves.

Be part of it 🙂 I hope you enjoy the course


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