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Sabine Torgler for “German Nurse in the UK: Should I Stay or Should I go?”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as an overseas nurse in the UK? Have you considered what it means to move your whole life to another country and get to grips with a completely new nursing culture?  That’s exactly what EfN director Sabine Torgler did 17 years ago when she made the life-changing decision to pursue a career in UK nursing.

In December, Sabine wrote a feature article for the latest issue of magazine in which she talks honestly about her personal experience and what inspired her to make the move to the UK in 2003.  Later in the article Sabine discusses her work with the Erasmus Programme and her worries about the impact of Brexit on her life and profession.

Please do take a look!

A pdf of the article is available here

English for Nurses: Pocket Guide

We’re pleased to be able to share more information about our new product – “English for Nurses: Pocket Guide”!

The guide has been designed for ease and speed and features wipe-clean pages for the clinical environment. As with all our learning aids and courses, it has been written by nurses for nurses, so you can be confident it will provide you with the content you need for real working life on the wards. We’re super excited about releasing this project. We’re not aware of any other pocket-sized language guides, specifically for nurses, on the market today.

English for Nurses: Pocket Guide will be priced at £12.50 / €12.50.

Initially, we will have 2 versions available. The first is for German-speakers and features German translations for some of the key English terminology. The second is an ‘International’ version which is entirely in English.
Our first print runs will be occurring soon, so now is the perfect time to register your interest.  Check out the links below for full details… or get in contact with a member of our team at:

Learning at home: Pocket Guides

Kimberley and Rieke’s 7 Week Placement at Blackberry Hill Hospital in Bristol

During our forensic psychiatry placement in in Bristol, we learned a lot. On the one hand we were able to improve our knowledge of mental health care. But, we learned so much more than that: life in a shared flat, learning our way around in a new city abroad (yes, we did get lost more than once, many thanks at this point to Google Maps without whom we probably would not have found anything!), what the British think of punctuality (it is definitely not as important to them as it is to Germans) and the kindness with which we were greeted on the wards.

We were not able to do much on our own on the wards, due to safety precautions. However, these were very important in order to keep everyone safe, not only staff but the service users as well. However, everyone made sure that we still got to see a lot. We attended patient care reviews, went on trips within the community, and we were allowed to work shifts on other wards that we were interested in.

Because of the twelve and a half hour shifts we only had to work 3-4 days per week. In the remaining free time we discovered Bristol and the surroundings. For instance, we visited the Suspension Bridge, the SS Great Britain (very impressive and definitely worth having a look at if you are in Bristol) and the Cheddar Gorge Cave (the cheese is really delicious there).

It has been a memorable time during which we experienced so many wonderful things

Rieke and Kimberley


I am very grateful to you, that I had the chance to gain such experiences by working in England. Thank you very much. (Svea from Hamburg, student nurse, who came via Erasmus to us to Sutton (at Spire Hospital). October 2017