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Nurse’s View: How Do I Feel About COVID-19 Vaccine?

Director of English for Nurses, Sabine Torgler, has written a new article for her column on titled “Nurse’s View: How Do I Feel About COVID-19 Vaccine?”

It’s a fascinating and honest insight into Sabine’s views on the new vaccine and what is means to her personally, and professionally as a nurse.

This is Sabine’s first article for her regular column on the website, so please stay tuned for more articles in 2021!

You can download a pdf of the article here

“Nurses Are Not Soliders”: An Interview with Sabine Torgler for Magazine

English for Nurses director Sabine Torgler was recently interviewed by for their magazine cover story “COVID-19 Superheroes”.  During the interview Sabine recalls her personal experience of working as a UK nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which she too became infected with the virus.  After she recovered, Sabine started a global campaign asking governments all over the world to ensure nurses and other frontline medical staff are adequately protected with personal protective equipment. 

You can view this excellent article here: “Nurses Are Not Soldiers”.

COVID-19 PPE SHORTAGE: A global appeal to governments to deliver PPE

You will already know about the global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for nurses, midwives, doctors and carers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Without adequate protection we are being asked to risk our lives and those of our patients. Lives are being lost needlessly due to the failure of our governments to protect us at work. The situation is completely unacceptable and cannot continue. We are calling on the governments of the world to work together NOW to avert this crisis

Every day we receive emails and phone calls from nurses and midwives all over the world who are at breaking point due to the lack of PPE. This is not a time for political games, or for one country to claim superiority over another. As nurses and healthcare professionals, we must unite in this common cause and demand that action is taken by our governments – not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW. 

Sabine Torgler, registered nurse and director of English for Nurses has written an open letter appealing for action. Please join our global campaign by sharing this letter. Even if you do not work in healthcare, you can still help! Thank you for your support – if we join together we can force a change! 

You can download the letter in English, German, Japanese, Spanish and Russian, and other languages will follow soon:

NEWSFLASH: The Expert Trip – A New Partnership With The Robert Bosch Stiftung

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are partnering with The Robert Bosch Stiftung who will be supporting our ‘Expert’ trip for nurses, which will place in Bristol this year.  Our ‘Expert’ trips allow nurses from Germany to travel to the UK and learn about the UK healthcare system by visiting educational and medical facilities in the city.  Each trip has proven to be a great success and is central to our philosophy of ‘sharing knowledge and skills’.  Participants find the intercultural exchange to be extremely rewarding and we thoroughly enjoy organising and hosting these events.

The new support from The Robert Bosch Stiftung will take this project to the next level and we are sure it will now go from strength to strength. 

You can find out more here:

Let’s Talk About Cumbria by Eike Ivo, Jana and Sebastian

Eike Ivo, Jana and Sebastian (three nursing students from Bremen) recently returned from a 6-week Erasmus+ work placement at the hospitals of the North Cumbria University Hospital NHS Trust in England.  Once again, the placement proved to be a hugely rewarding and illuminating experience for these students.  You can read their honest assessment of the placement in the report below.

We wish you the very best for the next exciting steps in your nursing careers!

View the report