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EfN Podcast Episode 8: The Beautiful and Varied World of Nursing

Sabine Torgler, director of English for Nurses, continues her monthly podcast series with a brand new episode! The podcast series deals with a variety of topics surrounding nursing, overseas nursing, and other important issues in the world of nursing today. Each episode will be available to listen to exclusively via our website. We hope to make the series available through other channels in the future.

In the eighth episode, Sabine talks about how she is getting ready for a hectic week before being able to look forward to a three week holiday. Sabine has been working with patients in a respite centre in Bristol and, though the work is challenging, she also feels relieved to be able to engage with patients where the primary focus is no longer COVID-19.  While dividing her time between nursing shifts, teaching, and preparing for a presentation at a congress in Tokyo, Sabine is able to reflect on what a varied life nursing can provide.

Episode 8: The Beautiful and Varied World of Nursing


Stammtisch: Free Zoom Meetings for Nurses, Midwives and Other Healthcare Professionals!

It’s time to start an online community and stay connected while COVID-19 is keeping us apart! Every month we’ll be hosting a free Zoom meeting for nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet and chat with other people, share your knowledge and experience, and brush up your English language skills. If you have any anxiety about speaking English, this is a great way to build confidence in a relaxed environment.

We call the get-togethers ’STAMMTISCH’, which is a German word for a reserved table in a pub for people who meet on a regular basis! Although many of the participants will come from a German speaking background, we welcome healthcare professionals of any nationality or background. 

Meetings take place in English, via Zoom, and last 90 minutes. We can accommodate about 20 to 25 participants and still have a few places left for the next meeting. 

Our next meeting: 29/09/2021, 5pm – 6:30pm (UK time)

We would love for you to join us. Just send me a message via Facebook or email at:

Sabine and the team