We hope you have all survived the wet summer  – all of us here at EfN towers managed to stop getting too rusty. We have certainly been enjoying the Indian summer for the past few weeks.

What a fab summer of Royals and Sport…..we have never seen so many flags around the gardens in Bristol and obviously we don’t want to gloat to about the number of medals now being worn around the necks of UK sportsmen and women.☺☺ ☺Don’t worry, in 4 years you can all get your revenge !

Sabine had an idea this week (always a dangerous thing, when it happens, it is best to duck!)) and has decided to write a quarterly newsletter to tell everyone what we have been up to. The first one includes news from February to September so is a marathon read. It will be emailed out to all our supporters, students and clients in the next couple of weeks and we’ll put a copy on this website

When we were writing we realised that we have been so busy that we could only put in the highlights so we hope that it will be entertaining and give everyone a flavour of our exciting work. We really are lucky to be working with and teaching so many lively and interesting medical staff.

I hope you can take time to have a look at our new courses and comments on the forum will be much appreciated – you can even tweet us @englishfornurses.

Happy September

Kate & Sabine xxxxxxx

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