Welcome to the new English for Nurses website and this first blog entry! We’ve been beavering away on our design refresh for a while, and we’re very keen to get your feedback so we can continue to improve the site. Please email kate@englishfornurses.org with any comments!


Our business is based on delivering English language courses developed by nurses for nurses, and so a big chunk of the site is obviously devoted to that. We have to pay our mortgages, after all! (By the way, please book on one of our courses! They are educational and fun and there are biscuits.) But as well as seeking to interest you in our wares, we would love you to bookmark us and return here regularly. The content we’ll be uploading on a regular basis will be directly relevant to you as health professionals, and we will try our best to present it in an accessible, entertaining way.


So what do we have in store for you on this website? Well, our news section covers issues that we think will be important to you, rather than being a never-ending grind of copy-and-paste EfN press releases. This blog will be regularly updated with (hopefully) entertaining witterings, as well as bringing you choice examples of the random, the funny and just plain bizarre health-related offerings from all over the internet. Our resources page is an expanding one stop shop full of useful information for nurses relocating to the UK. But most importantly, from the point of view of the reason EfN exists, we hope that our forum will soon be packed with nurses talking to each other, making friends and sharing their experiences working in hospitals throughout the UK and Europe.


Our tutors have a real passion for passing on the lessons they have learnt in their many years of working as nurses. EfN was established to try to make a difference, to help nurses through the difficulties of adapting to the culture and terminology of new hospital environments. We hope that you will like what we have to offer and will help us to spread the word.


Thank you for visiting, and enjoy the site!

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