Marietta, Midwife, February 2022

Dear Sabine,

Thank you again for the great workshops series of ‘English for Midwives’!

I thought the English for Midwives course was great!

I was able to take an incredible amount with me, I really learned a lot. Your scripts are totally well-founded and great to look up and read.

You have a very winning and motivating manner. It was mainly because of your manner that I stuck with the further training.

In any case, I am very motivated to go to the training and would like to improve my English 


Jasmin, Midwife, March 2022

I definitely recommend it ‘English for Midwives’. In a very motivating and humorous way, Sabine made a very low-threshold offer to expand the level of her knowledge with ‚English for Midwives‘ and to re-activate existing knowledge. Thanks so much!!! 



Hi Sabine

You are very welcome. It was lovely to spend time with you all and learn about the nursing profession in Germany. It made me feel very proud to work where I do.

I am more than happy to maintain communication.Thank you again for the gift, that was very thoughtful and generous.

Take care

Becca (Rebecca Morgan, Matron, St. Michael’s Hill Hospital Bristol / UK, November 2018)


Dear Sabine,

Many thanks again for the courses. The attendees were very enthusiastic. Two of them even sent an e-mail to tell us to say how meaningful the course was for them and they explicitly named your engaged, cheerful, open approach, Sabine!

Best regards!

Marleen van der Brugge (Co-operation partner from Delft / The Netherlands, November 2018)


I am very grateful to you that I had the chance to gain such experiences by working in England. Thank you very much. (Svea from Hamburg, student nurse, who came via Erasmus to us to Sutton (at Spire Hospital). October 2017


Hi Sabine. How are you, I hope well.
I don’t know how I can say to you thanks,
But I said to you thanks a lot.
Honestly I consider myself fortunate to meet. (Asad, Overseas Nurse, Bristol, August 2017)

Thank you!

Thank you, this was a really successful event. Super-entertaining, very good lecturer. Absolutely recommendable!

(Malte Jordan aus Bremen – aus ‚ English for Refugees and Asylum Seekers‘ – Bremen in May 2017).


Thanks so much

Hello Sabine,
it was really very funny with you and the other midwives and I am so happy that I booked this course!
Thanks so much for all and we see us again in May!
Greetings and hugs to you
Astrid (Midwife from Hamburg, March 2017)


Dear Sabine,

A big thank you to you for the vivid course and warmest greetings from Happy Town = Glücksstadt / Germany. I really loved your course and I am happy to come again. I love it when things are taught very easy and not being deadly serious. And in your course all of us were allowed to be so beautifully silly :)! You have a magic kind way, to teach the ‚stuff‘.

It really felt good to be your student on that day!

Many, many kind greetings ,


PS : Actually, Ms. Thieme is a Georg ????…. (Petra, PICU Nurses from Hamburg, September 2016)

Thank you

Dear Sabine

Thank you for the day yesterday , I think the group really benefited from it,- I think the your enthusiasm and passion really came through on the day and it was nice to meet you.

With regards
Laurel Neame
Senior Matron
Workforce and Education @ Medway NHS Foundation Trust