We recently had our second monthly networking meeting at The Arts House in Stokes Croft. It’s a friendly bar with sofas and yummy drinks including a variety of teas, coffees and the ever-popular red wine, and the EfN team were once again on hand to offer prospective students helpful, practical advice on a variety of topics relating to nursing in the UK.


Popular subjects this month included the difference in interview procedures between trusts in London and Bristol – the former featuring an in-depth written test, the latter having quite open questions and more ability to talk. As usual, though, the conversation went off on a tangent (we don’t only speak about nursing!) and somehow ended up in a long discussion about David Hockney’s exhibition at the RWA gallery! What can we say, we like art!


The monthly networking meeting takes place on the last Wednesday of every month at the same venue, so if you’re free on the evening of Wednesday 25th April from 8pm, come and join us at The Arts House!

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