• Nurse’s View: Are We Back to Square One with COVID-19 in the UK? - 12/1/2021

    Sabine’s latest article for her regular column on Healthmanagement.org is now available to view! This time, as she returns to work on the wards, Sabine talks about the huge challenges being faced by nurses like her, and by the UK as a … Continue reading

  • Stammtisch: Free Zoom Meetings for Nurses! - 11/1/2021

    It’s time to start an online community and stay connected while COVID-19 is keeping us apart! Every month we’ll be hosting a free Zoom meeting for nurses. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet and chat with other nurses, and each … Continue reading

  • Nurse’s View: How Do I Feel About COVID-19 Vaccine? - 8/1/2021

    Director of English for Nurses, Sabine Torgler, has written a new article for her column on Healthmanagement.org titled “Nurse’s View: How Do I Feel About COVID-19 Vaccine?” It’s a fascinating and honest insight into Sabine’s views on the new vaccine and what … Continue reading

  • Sabine Torgler for HealthManagement.org: “German Nurse in the UK: Should I Stay or Should I go?” - 7/1/2021

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as an overseas nurse in the UK? Have you considered what it means to move your whole life to another country and get to grips with a completely new nursing culture? … Continue reading

  • “Nurses Are Not Soliders”: An Interview with Sabine Torgler for HealthManagement.org Magazine - 10/8/2020

    English for Nurses director Sabine Torgler was recently interviewed by HealthManagement.org for their magazine cover story “COVID-19 Superheroes”.  During the interview Sabine recalls her personal experience of working as a UK nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which she too … Continue reading

  • COVID-19 PPE SHORTAGE: A global appeal to governments to deliver PPE - 11/5/2020

    You will already know about the global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for nurses, midwives, doctors and carers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Without adequate protection we are being asked to risk our lives and those of our patients. Lives … Continue reading

  • NEWSFLASH: The Expert Trip – A New Partnership With The Robert Bosch Stiftung - 6/3/2020

    We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are partnering with The Robert Bosch Stiftung who will be supporting our ‘Expert’ trip for nurses, which will place in Bristol this year.  Our ‘Expert’ trips allow nurses from Germany to travel … Continue reading

  • Professor Dr. Edith Kellnhauser 1933 – 2019: A Pioneer in Nursing - 28/5/2019

    We are deeply saddened to report that Professor Dr Edith Kellnhauser passed away on the 25th May 2019, aged 85.  Our condolences go to Professor Kellnhauser’s family.  As a result of Prof. Kellnhauser’s outstanding work, the German nursing profession continued … Continue reading

  • DBfK Article Featuring Sabine Torgler: The Nursing Council in the UK - 31/1/2019

    EfN Director Sabine Torgler was recently asked to write a piece for the latest DBfK Nordwest publication in which she talks about her experience working as an overseas nurses in the UK, a country which has operated with a nursing … Continue reading

  • Sabine Discusses the Erasmus+ Programme at the Mobility Agency in Hamburg - 29/1/2019

    English for Nurses’ director Sabine Torgler recently attended a meeting at the mobility agency ‘Arbeit und Leben’ in Hamburg.  There she met Lena and Isabel who are our co-op partners for the Erasmus+ Programme and will send 15 student nurses to … Continue reading

  • International Network for Health Workforce Education - 30/11/2018

    English for Nurses’ Patron Jacqui Filkins is a member of this organisation and kindly sent us their link to help raise awareness of the important work that they do. The International Network for Health Workforce Education is an online community … Continue reading

  • NEW – English for Nurses BASICS: Pocket Guide - 9/10/2018

    We are delighted to anounce the launch of a brand new Pocket Guide for nurses – English for Nurses BASICS: Pocket Guide. https://englishfornurses.org/produkt/english-for-nurses-basics-pocket-guide-for-german-speaking-countries/?lang=de This will be our 4th publication so far! Unlike our other books, this new ‘Basics’ edition features full … Continue reading

  • NEW – English for Midwives: Pocket Guide - 30/8/2018

    Our new book ‘English for Midwives: Pocket Guide’ is now available to buy in our online shop! https://englishfornurses.org/…/english-for-midwives-pocke…/… This edition is for German speaking countries and only ships to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As always, payments are accepted in € … Continue reading

  • English for Midwives – 4 Day Workshop in Bristol - 30/8/2018

    We are pleased to announce we’ll be holding 2 special 4-day workshop events for midwives in November 2018 and July 2019. We’re very excited about these events because they’ll be happening in our home city of Bristol, UK! The programme … Continue reading

  • English for Nurses: Pocket Guide - 3/11/2017

    We’re pleased to be able to share more information about our new product – “English for Nurses: Pocket Guide”! The guide has been designed for ease and speed and features wipe-clean pages for the clinical environment. As with all our … Continue reading

  • 2017 Summer Newsletter Now Available! - 10/7/2017

    We hope you can spare a few minutes to catch up with all the latest news from our international network:


    Continue reading

  • New Workshop Audio CDs Now Available! - 18/4/2017

    We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new range of audio CDs! Each CD contains all the vital information, phrases, keywords and conversations from our popular workshops.  We believe that these will become a vital tool to … Continue reading

  • EfN give talk in Schleswig Holstein about the NHS and the shortage of nurses - 17/2/2017

    Sabine, Director of English for Nurses, was invited to speak at the 7.Fachtagung vom Pflegerat Schleswig Holstein this week (16/02/2017). The meeting involved a vibrant political discussion about the implementation of the Nursing Council in Schleswig Holstein, which is due … Continue reading

  • New video showcases our work in Zürich - 16/1/2017

    The City of Zürich have created a fantastic video about our course ‘Deutsch für Pflegende’.  At the end of last year the course was voted as one of the top 10 to attend in the city.  The video features footage … Continue reading

  • EfN Christmas Newsletter 2016 - 19/12/2016

    What a year it’s been! We’ve taken some time to look back on the year that was 2016. You can read all about the adventures of English for Nurses in the Christmas Newsletter below. Merry Christmas and a big thank … Continue reading

  • ‘Deutsch für Pflegende’ voted as one of the best courses in Zurich - 4/11/2016

    We are delighted to announce that our new language course ‘Deutsch für Pflegende’ has been voted as one of the Top 10 courses available as part of the Education Programme in the City of Zurich.  This is fantastic news! The … Continue reading

  • Sabine interviewed about NHS Language tests on BBC Radio WM 27/09/2016 - 27/9/2016

    English for Nurse’s Sabine Torgler was interviewed by Adrian Goldberg on BBC Radio WM this morning! The topic of conversation was the recent decision made by 2 hospitals in the Midlands to relax the English language test requirements for nurses … Continue reading

  • NEW – Special Case-Specific online modules now available - 18/8/2016

    We are pleased to announce that we have developed a huge range of new online language modules to compliment our existing line-up! By popular demand, these short courses focus closely on specific injuries and illnesses that healthcare professionals might encounter … Continue reading

  • Summer 2016 Newsletter - 8/8/2016

    So.. it’s time to reflect a little on the first half of 2016! As usual it’s been an extremely busy, exciting and surprising 6 months for English for Nurses. We’d love for you to take a few minutes to read … Continue reading

  • Sabine on BBC Radio Stoke - 17/2/2016

    With the implementation of the EILTS which requires a very high standard of English from overseas nurses coming to work in the NHS, some people are asking if the standard has been set too high. Nurses are now required to … Continue reading

  • New Flexible Online Module Courses from EfN ! - 22/1/2016

    Would you like to improve your Medical English in key areas? English for Nurses is now offering flexible Online module-based courses!  These courses are taught one-to-one via Skype by our experienced and friendly tutors. All courses are accompanied by our … Continue reading

  • EfN Newsletter – Winter 2015/2016 - 22/1/2016

    Well… last year was quite a year for EfN. We have taken some time to reflect on the year that was 2015! – you can read all about it in our Newsletter – Links to the English/German versions are below.  … Continue reading

  • Sabine Torgler & Jackie Smith on BBC Radio 5 Live, 20th January 2016 - 20/1/2016

    EfN’s Sabine Torgler & Jackie Smith (Chief Exec. of the Nursing & Midwifery Council) were interviewed on BBC 5 Live Radio this morning by Nicky Campbell. The topic of conversation was the implementation of compulsory language standards for overseas care … Continue reading

  • Pflegekammer - 19/11/2015


    On the 12.11.2015 we at English for Nurses discussed with our German colleagues in Hamburg the hot theme ‚ Pflegekammer‘.

    Please see the article in the German Medical Journal about it and the comments after the event: Continue reading

  • English for Nurses to Feature in “The Guardian” on 8th August - 6/8/2015

    We would like to announce that an interview with EfN will feature in this Saturday’s The Guardian newspaper (08/08/2015). The piece will cover the work of EfN as well as important issues such as nursing recruitment & the government’s plan … Continue reading

  • Sabine Interviewed on BBC Radio 4 - 31/7/2015

    This morning EfN’s Sabine Torgler was invited to be interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s popular “Today” program at the local Bristol studio. The topics of discussion included the NHS’ attempts to solve Nursing shortages by actively attracting foreign nurses to English hospitals and the importance of adequately supporting these Nurses once they have arrived. One vital way of doing this is to ensure they have a firm grasp of the English language, of course!

    Here is the link to download the interview

    Continue reading

  • First Ulmer Nursing Manager Congress in Ulm in July 2015 - 23/7/2015

    The First Nursing Manager Congress in Ulm (09.07.2015 – 10.07.2015)

    The congress was a huge success for Chief Nurse Helene Maucher who organised the event with her colleagues and welcomed 200 nurse managers from throughout Germany. Continue reading

  • First Ulmer Nursing Manager Congress – EfN live on TV :) - 16/7/2015


    or have a look at this: http://www.regio-tv.de/video/375719.html

    Continue reading

  • Newsletter June 2015 - 2/7/2015

    Please click here to continue to the newsletter and please subscribe. Continue reading

  • First Bristol Student Nurse – Julia - 22/5/2015

    Hello, I am Julia. I am doing my nurse training in Germany at Charité Berlin and spent four weeks in Spire Hospital (“The Glen”) for a work experience.

    Continue reading

  • EfN Graduate, Sandrine Does Vital Voluntary Work in Laos! - 7/4/2015

    It is always wonderful to hear how the former students from our courses are getting on and how their careers are developing after their time with English For Nurses. We know that the world of medicine can take people far and wide in the world.

    We were delighted to read a short article written by Sandrine – a midwife and one of our former students from Switzerland – who had recently travelled to Laos to work in a small hospital where she was able to offer training, and exchange skills and knowledge with the local nurses. We thoroughly recommend taking a few minutes to have a read of her excellent report; it is a fascinating and illuminating glimpse into the life (….and many, many challenges) of women, nurses and midwives in Laos.

    We wish all our students the very best for the future and their careers, whatever they do and wherever they do it!

    Well done and Thank You, Sandrine! (pictured below on the left)

    Continue reading

  • Newsletter January 2015 - 13/1/2015

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  • EfN interviewed by BBC-London - 5/1/2015

    Population growth, immigration and foreign nurses – definitely hot-topics for today! This evening Sabine of EfN did her second interview of the day – again by BBC radio, this time for BBC London on “Drivetime with Eddie Nestor”. Please check … Continue reading

  • EfN interviewed by BBC-Midlands - 5/1/2015

    According to Nigel Farage’s comment that foreign Doctors are coming to the UK and they cannot speak the English language very well – we were invited to discuss this matter from the point of view being Overseas Healthprofessionals ourselves and … Continue reading

  • EfN interviewed by BBC-Midlands - 17/12/2014

    EfN has been interviewed by BBC-Midlands on Wednesday 17.12.2014. We discussed the situation that 4 out of 5 nurses who have been recruited via the NHS during the last 12 months are from abroad. Sabine was invited to speak about … Continue reading

  • Newsletter January – June 2014 - 7/7/2014

    Please use our link to be able to read our newsletter January-June 2014. Thank you very much for your support!

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  • Newsletter January 2014 - 27/1/2014

    July 2013 : At the beginning of the month we spoke with Professor Jacqueline Filkins about our poster for the Zurich ENDA conference in October. We have had many great ideas about how to convey our message. This is the … Continue reading

  • Arbeiten und Leben in UK - 6/12/2013

    Arbeiten und Leben in UK

    Hello Everybody,
    please listen to the interview, which is just great. I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed by the head of nursing school – Joe Carlsen – of the Imland Kliniken in Rendsburg (very north of Germany). Continue reading

  • Newsletter July 2013 - 5/7/2013

    Newsletter July 2013 Dear colleagues, clients and friends, It’s time for the second newsletter of this year and we would like to inform you about all that is happening in the English for Nurses’ world. May I just say at … Continue reading

  • Next Meeting - 29/5/2013

    Next English for Nurses meeting is on 19.6 at 8pm at the Watershed Cafe bar. Please come along and bring a friend!

  • Newsletter April 2013 - 30/4/2013

    Dear colleagues, clients and friends, It’s time again – our next newsletter is due. The beginning of the year was very eventful for us and it doesn’t stop, which is good. As with the previous one, we would like to … Continue reading

  • We are attending German Nurses Association (DBfK) - 6/2/2013

    We will attend the German Nurses Association (DBfK) congress ‘Junge Pflege Kongress 2013 – PFLEGE – a profession to be proud of! Friday, 15. 03.2013, 09:30hrs – 16:00hrs at the Urania, An der Urania 17 in 1078 Berlin/Germany. We will … Continue reading

  • Next Monthly Meeting - 6/2/2013

    The next monthly meeting is on 04.03.2013 at the Watershed Cafe-bar on 1 Canons Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5TX. We are there from 19:30-21:30hrs. Come along and meet us.

  • Newsletter January 2013 - 30/1/2013

    Dear colleagues, clients and friends, please take a minute for us and read our news. Thank you very much! The time flies by and again it’s time  for our newsletter. Our first newsletter of September 2012 was very well received. … Continue reading

  • International Nurses Day Is Coming! - 4/5/2012

    Here at EfN we’re already getting excited about Saturday 12th May: International Nurses Day! International Nurses’ Day celebrates the birth date of Florence Nightingale, who is widely regarded as a pioneer in nursing because of her work tending to wounded … Continue reading


    We recently had our second monthly networking meeting at The Arts House in Stokes Croft. It’s a friendly bar with sofas and yummy drinks including a variety of teas, coffees and the ever-popular red wine, and the EfN team were … Continue reading

  • BRANSON IN A PICKLE - 17/4/2012

    When Max Pemberton wrote an article for the Telegraph entitled ‘Healthy competition in the NHS is a sick joke’ following the recent passing of the controversial Health and Social Care Bill by Parliament (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/features/9193015/Healthy-competition-in-the-NHS-is-a-sick-joke.html), he made his case study the … Continue reading


    It’s hard to believe, but EfN will be one year old on Friday! Birthdays, of course, mean presents, and our gift to ourselves – as you may have noticed – is our new website. Ooooh, shiny! We hope you like … Continue reading

  • GREAT SUCCESS! - 16/4/2012

    One of our students has got herself a fantastic job at Frenchay Hospital after going on the English for Nurses course. We’re very happy that our trainer Sabine was able to assist her with her interview preparation. Well done, Patricia! … Continue reading


    We are pleased to announce that Arbeiter–Samariter–Bund Österreichs (the Austrian Workers’ Samaritan Federation) have commissioned English for Nurses to write a new course entitled ‘English for Conflict and Catastrophe Nursing’.   ASBÖ is an Austrian aid organisation that was founded … Continue reading

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