EfN Podcast Episode 15: A Special Guest

Sabine Torgler continues her monthly podcast series with a brand new episode! The podcast series deals with a variety of topics surrounding nursing, overseas nursing, and other important issues in the world of nursing today. Each episode will be available to listen to exclusively via our website. We hope to make the series available through other channels in the future.

In episode 15, Sabine is joined by a very special guest – her mother, Anne! Anne was a student nurse on the wards in Wilhelmshaven between 1956 and 1958. The interview gives us a fascinating look at nursing more than 60 years ago and an interesting comparison with nursing today. Anne was Sabine’s great inspiration and always told Sabine that if she became a nurse, she would have a great profession for life. How right she was!

Please note, this episode is in German.

Episode 15: A Special Guest


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