EfN Podcast Episode 7: Sharing Knowledge and Skills

Sabine Torgler, director of English for Nurses, continues her monthly podcast series with a brand new episode! The podcast series deals with a variety of topics surrounding nursing, overseas nursing, and other important issues in the world of nursing today. Each episode will be available to listen to exclusively via our website. We hope to make the series available through other channels in the future.

In the seventh episode, Sabine talks about her recent experiences working with a new overseas nurse during a late shift at her hospital in Bristol. In some ways, this felt like going right back to the beginning for Sabine – in 2003 she was walking a similar path to this nurse, learning a new language and adapting to a completely new nursing culture in the UK. Understanding the challenges that overseas nurses face is central to English for Nurses, and Sabine considers it an honour to be able to pass on some of her hard-won knowledge and experience. Working with people from different cultures and backgrounds is one of the great joys of working as a nurse, as well as being a key strength of the NHS. Teamwork and encouragement are essential! Nurses United!

Episode 7: Sharing Knowledge and Skills


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