English for Nurses: Pocket Guide

We’re pleased to be able to share more information about our new product – “English for Nurses: Pocket Guide”!

The guide has been designed for ease and speed and features wipe-clean pages for the clinical environment. As with all our learning aids and courses, it has been written by nurses for nurses, so you can be confident it will provide you with the content you need for real working life on the wards. We’re super excited about releasing this project. We’re not aware of any other pocket-sized language guides, specifically for nurses, on the market today.

English for Nurses: Pocket Guide will be priced at £12.50 / €12.50.

Initially, we will have 2 versions available. The first is for German-speakers and features German translations for some of the key English terminology. The second is an ‘International’ version which is entirely in English.
Our first print runs will be occurring soon, so now is the perfect time to register your interest.  Check out the links below for full details… or get in contact with a member of our team at:


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