First Bristol Student Nurse – Julia

My Work Experience in Spire Hospital Bristol

Hello, I am Julia. I am doing my nurse training in Germany at Charité Berlin and spent four weeks in Spire Hospital (“The Glen”) for a work experience.

At first it was a little bit like a shock because everything was new and I had not expected such a big difference to Germany.

But it was a great experience to do nursing in another country and compare that to what you know. Some things were better, to other things I could not get used to in that short amount of time.

What I really liked were the drug-rounds, which are so much more secure than just putting a drug-dispenser next to the bed of the patient. Also the patient were encouraged to ask the nurse about the medication and get the opportunity to request some extra drugs e.g. against pain.

The nurses have more freedom in Britain and do not have to ask the consultant about every additional drug they give as long as it is prescribed. Of course that means more responsibility too but I think it is worth it.

At the beginning of my experience I had difficulties to find the right words in English. But you are getting into it pretty well and with every week speaking and understanding the language gets easier.

Before I came to Spire I prepared myself a little bit and read a lot of English books and watched English hospital series, what helped pretty well.

Beside of the language, the financial aspect is a problem. I paid about 600 £ only for the accommodation without food. But as I had understand there is a new Erasmus program for student nurses, so that you get at least part of the money.

It is also very important to live in walking distance of the hospital because the buses in Bristol are not very reliable. A difference make the buses or trains to other cities in England. From Bristol you can easily get to Bath or Salisbury which are both worth a visit.

So I walked every day about half an hour to the hospital and that was really not a big thing. You can see so much more by walking, it is cheaper and you are getting warm. Because the houses in England are not very well isolated. If I were you I would bring some wool socks and a warm pullover with me and be prepared for rain because it is Great Britain.

But maybe you are lucky and have such a nice and sunny weather as I had most of my time and can enjoy Bristol a little bit.

It is a really nice town where you can easily find a nice restaurant or café to sit in and observe the English everyday live.

Bristol is really worth a visit and Spire Hospital a really nice and friendly place to work.

I would not like to miss the records I made and can highly recommend a work experience in “The Glen”.

Best wishes,


Julia (Left)

(Julia on the left)

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