Podcast Episode 5: Lockdown Ends, but Nursing Never Stops

Sabine Torgler, director of English for Nurses, continues her monthly podcast series with a brand new episode! The podcast series deals with a variety of topics surrounding nursing, overseas nursing, and other important issues in the world of nursing today.  Each episode will be available to listen to exclusively via our website. We hope to make the series available through other channels in the future.

In the fifth episode Sabine talks about her recent experiences working on a hepatology ward with acutely ill patients and how it made her reflect on her ongoing work as a nurse. Lockdown has ended in the UK and many of the wards are now free of COVID-19, but the world of nursing never stops! Even though the pandemic has dominated our lives for the last 14 months, there are always other patients in need of care.

Episode 5: Lockdown Ends, but Nursing Never Stops


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