Nurse’s View: The Pandemic Doesn’t Stop When We Go on Holiday

Sabine’s new article for her regular column on is now available: “The Pandemic Doesn’t Stop When We Go on Holiday”.

In this month’s fascinating article, Sabine talks about her recent trip to the Canary Islands. After two years of exhausting work as a staff nurse during the pandemic, she was very much looking forward to some much needed rest. 

Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t quite as relaxing as Sabine had hoped! Foreign tourists on the island appeared to have little regard for following COVID-19 guidelines. This stood in stark contrast to the sensible and rightly cautious behaviour of the local population. So, it was not quite the holiday Sabine was expecting, as she grappled with a mixture of emotions from bewilderment to anger and even embarrassment.

Definitely well worth a read!

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