On the 12.11.2015 we at English for Nurses discussed with our German colleagues in Hamburg the hot theme ‚ Pflegekammer‘.

Please see the article in the German Medical Journal about it and the comments after the event:

Ms. Detjen from AK-Altona:
Guten Morgen Sabine,
hast du den Artikel schon gelesen? Jipie!! Ihr habt was tolles geschafft! Danke für deine Arbeit FÜR Hamburg!

Ms. Rehm at Albertinen-Akademie, Deputy Lead in Hamburg / Germany:
Dear Sabine,

have many, many thanks that you have stayed here and made this event possible!!! With many participants I have already spoken, and they were absolutely delighted about this event.

Let’s see what else we can put together ……. 🙂

See you very soon,
Greetings from the stormy Hamburg

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