European Nurse Directors Association (ENDA)

The European Nurse Directors Association (ENDA) was founded in 1992 in Geneva, Switzerland for the purpose of building a network between nurse directors throughout Europe.

ENDA’s main objectives are:

  • to strengthen the nursing contribution to policy making in the context of healthcare management in Europe
  • to establish formal links between Nurse Directors and Nurse Leaders across Europe to support a communication network of experts
  • to further the development of the art and science of nursing leadership and management in Europe

One of the most important recent milestones in the development of ENDA is the presentation of the “ENDA Proto-Code of Ethics and Conduct” at the 9th ENDA-congress in Helsinki / Finland in 2009. The “ENDA Proto-Code of Ethics and Conduct” is based on fundamental ethical principles and values of modern nursing, and provides a crucial foundation for the elaboration and development of strategies, standards of ethics and professional conduct for nurse directors, managers, competent authorities and researchers in care management, nursing research and nursing education.

ENDA is organising a bi-annual congress in a main European city. Here you can find an overview about previous congresses.

Each participating country has his own national representative in the Standing Committee of ENDA. The Committee elected a board from its membership. ENDA welcomes more participants and new members in order to extends the European network of experts.

ENDA is a member of ESNO (European Specialist Nurses Organisations). ENDA also participates in the European Nutrition for Health Alliance (ENHA). See more please click here.

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