English for Nurses AND English for Midwives Pocket Guide Bundle (for German speaking countries)


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This special bundle includes 1 copy of English for Midwives: Pocket Guide (for German speaking countries) and 1 copy of English for Nurses: Pocket Guide (for German speaking countries).  This is the perfect combination for midwives looking to supplement their knowledge and vocabulary with general nursing phrases and terminology.

Both books include German translations for some of the key English phrases and terminology.  This bundle only ships to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Please note: These Pocket Guides are written predominantly in English.  They are very clear and easy to use.  However, we recommend that users should already have a basic understanding of English. 



English for Midwives: Pocket Guide includes over 150 pages of key English terminology, phrases and explanations for communicating safely and professionally with English speaking women throughout pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period.

This book covers 8 core elements of midwifery:

  • Admitting a Pregnant Woman
  • Basic Nursing Care
  • Coping with Pregnancy
  • Disorders of Pregnancy
  • Foetal Positioning & Monitoring
  • The 3 Stages of Labour
  • Pain Relief and Management
  • Postpartum or ‘Aftercare’



English for Nurses: Pocket Guide includes 100 pages of key English terminology, phrases and explanations for communicating safely and professionally with English-speaking patients, on increasingly international wards.

Pocket Guide is based on the real experience of overseas nurses, as well as feedback from hundreds of students from our English language workshops.

This book covers 8 core elements of nursing:

  • Patient Admission
  • Basic Nursing Care
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Diabetes Care
  • Preoperative Care
  • Postoperative & Wound Care
  • Patient Discharge
  • Basic Anatomy

Our Pocket Guides measure only 80mm x 123mm and will fit neatly inside your bag or uniform pocket. They have been designed for ease and speed:

  • Laminated wipe-clean pages for the clinical environment
  • Colour-coded, fully referenced chapters with clear subheadings
  • Generously sized, easy-to-read text
  • German translations for key English words and phrases
  • Durable, Wire-O binding for quick reference


We aim to hold stock of this item at all times.  However, for large quantities, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your CDs to be made to order – we will keep you updated with an accurate timetable.   


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