Special Case-Specific Modules

In addition to our main online modules EfN also offer a special range of Case-Specific Modules. These language modules focus more closely on some of the typical cases a healthcare professional will encounter on the ward.

Our 1 hour, one-to-one online Skype lessons will cover all relevant aspects of care and treatment, including initial diagnosis. All our online courses are taught by the same friendly and experienced tutors who have real experience on the ward and who deliver our classroom workshops throughout Europe.

These case-specific modules are ideal for anyone looking to develop their English language skills in very specific areas. They will also be well suited to nurses who have recently dealt with a particular patient illness or injury and found their vocabulary/language skills to be in need of improvement.

Our current range of special modules is as follows:

  • Wrist injury
  • Torus / Buckle Fracture of the wrist
  • Wound care
  • Wound closure strips
  • Plaster and cast
  • Support bandage
  • Use of crutches and other medical equipment
  • Acute pain
  • Neck injury
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Chest injury
  • Chest injury exercises
  • Calf injury
  • Burns injury
  • Back injury
  • Ankle injury
  • Ankle rehabilitation
  • Accidental poisoning
  • Mallet finger
  • Knee injury
  • Injured hand
  • How to use your eye ointment/drops
  • Head injury (child)
  • Head injury in adults
  • Hand injury exercise
  • Nose bleed (Epistaxis)
  • Pretibial lacerations
  • Pulled elbow (child)
  • RICE advice
  • Shoulder injury exercise
  • Slings and bandages
  • Soft tissue – limb injury
  • Suspected broken nose
  • Swallowed foreign bodies

You can choose as many or as few of these modules as you require and they can all be tailored to your needs. Don’t forget to also take a look at our main online modules which deal with broader topics of healthcare and can be combined with these case-specific modules.

All our courses will help you to communicate more professionally with your patients and colleagues, in a natural and confident way.

Price £45 / €45 per 1 hour

*** Book 5 modules and the 6th will be offered with a 50% discount


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