A Review of my Participation in the Erasmus+ Program

A Review of my Participation in the Erasmus+ Program

by Laura L.

Cockermouth, England,


As a part of the Erasmus+ program a schoolmate and I had the opportunity to spend five weeks in a hospital in the north of England – in the Cockermouth Community Hospital & Health Centre.

With only eleven beds, the hospital was not part of the acute medical care system, but rather a kind of transitional care. During the stay, the patient’s need for care is evaluated and organised. All this happens in collaboration with other professional groups as well as the patient’s relatives or carer.

From day one, the whole staff was really nice and – it has to be said – I have never felt more welcome on a ward. But, unfortunately, the nurses did not involve us in their work so it was not possible to gain a real insight in the whole care process. Thus, in my opinion, the actual objective of making statements about English care and being able to compare it to the German was not possible, or at least not to the extent that it could have been.

Linguistically I have definitely learned a lot during these last five weeks and I have enjoyed spending my spare time discovering the Lake District.

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