Anna-Katharina and Henriette at the Spire St. Anthony’s Hospital

In February and March, two more student nurses from Germany undertook work placements at the Spire St. Anthony’s Hospital in Sutton.  After completing their placements, we asked Anna-Katharina and Henriette (pictured below) to write reports of their time living and working in the UK.  We hope you enjoy reading these excellent reports and that they will inspire other nurses to undertake practical placements abroad.  Congratulations on your achievement Anna-Katharina and Henriette.  We wish you both the very best of luck for your exciting careers in nursing!

Report 1: 25.02.2019 -29.03.2019 – Anna Katharina König

Report 2: 11.03.2019 -18.04.2019 = Henriette Grieger

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