Our Erasmus Exchange in Leicester, UK – By Sünje and Lisa

Lisa and I went on an internship abroad to Leicester, England. We lived with our friendly host mother Cathryn and her lovely daughters, who were ages 6 and 7. From the very first moment, she made us feel very welcome. Lisa and I never felt like strangers. “Make yourself at home,” were some of her first words to us.  Lisa and I both had our own room with an extra bathroom. Cathryn’s terraced house with garden is just outside Leicester – to reach the city you have to travel about 20-30 minutes by bus. It is a good idea to book an Internet flat-rate for the stay abroad. In this way it is possible to use GoogleMaps, to check timetables and opening hours.

In the Spire Leicester Hospital all the staff were very interested and open-minded. Many showed willingness to teach us new things. Lisa and I assisted with the admissions, helped the patients wash, or a shower. We looked after the bells, brought the patients to the theatre and back, did the observations after a surgery, or the dressings. We never had to do anything which made us feel uncomfortable and could always say if there was anything we would rather not do on our own.

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