Our Exchange Experience by Christina & Janine

Last September we began our journey to Leicester to undertake work experience at the Spire Hospital. We worked for four weeks, helping the Staff Nurses on Ward Two.

Everyone was very friendly and helped us get off to a good start in Great Britain. It wasn’t easy to understand everything during the first days, but it became easier over the next four weeks. If we didn’t understand what the staff members were saying, they would try to explain with their hands and feet! They were very patient with us.

We stayed with one of the senior staff nurses, her husband and their two daughters. The host-family was lovely and gave us an insight into British culture and tradition. They helped us whenever we needed it – for example to book tickets for a football match at Leicester City. They also took the time to integrate us into their family-life and leisure activities.

Most of the time we worked early shifts so we could go to restaurants and pubs after work. On our days off we used the time to travel. We spent some time in London and visited the Warner Brothers Studios of Harry Potter as well as lots of other sightseeing. We also went to Manchester to see Old Trafford Stadium and to Liverpool to see the Albert Dock. We visited Exeter and enjoyed the natural beauty of Dartmoor.

All in all we had a wonderful time and we are sure that we will visit Leicester and our host-family again. We definitely recommend an exchange in Great Britain. We had so many new experiences and met some wonderful people.

We miss working in the Spire Hospital, Leicester, on Ward Two and all of the fantastic staff members!

Christina und Janine besuchen die QueenSpire Hospital Leicester

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