Our work experience at Spire Hospital Leicester

Hello, we are Kaja (22) and Simone (21) , two student nurses from Germany-Hamburg. Kaja works at Asklepios Klinikum Nord and Simone at Asklepios Westklinikum Rissen, but we are in the same class at school.

In November and December we had the pleasure to work and live in Leicester for five weeks.

Our accommodation

Before we arrived we got an offer to stay at a college’s house for the whole five weeks. We accepted thankfully and she prepared us dinner and took us to work and back.

We lived there with her husband and two of five children of her, who are five and six years old.
It was a really good opportunity, because there are no bus stops at the hospital. We also worked her shifts, so we had no problems with going to work and back home.

Our hospital

The Spire hospital in Leicester is a private hospital with a day care ward and a normal ward, where the patients stay a few days. The specialist area is the surgery, e.g. orthopaedic, general surgery (hernia reduce) and the plastic surgery. Also they have an oncology day care ward, where the patients get their chemotherapy.

For your lunch break, you can go the staff restaurant. The food is cheap and really delicious.

Because of our good rota, we had the possibility to travel, e.g. to Cambridge and to the German Christmas market in Birmingham.

All in all, it was a great opportunity to improve our English, to live and work with people from other countries and with different cultures. We had the chance to compare our hospitals from Germany with the Spire hospital and found out what is better in England, but also in Germany.
For example, we really like the drug rounds, where the nurse checks every time the name and date of birth.


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