Seven weeks in Maryport, England

Seven weeks in Maryport, England

by Katharina Kuckeland

During my training as a nurse I had the opportunity to go abroad to another hospital. ERASMUS+ sent me to a lovely place called Maryport, a small town in Cumbria, a hilly area in the North of England.

I had the chance to see medical care from a different angle and compare it to the German system I already know. Because it was a different way of working, it was not that easy to integrate what I had learned to do in Germany. The discussions with English people and students helped me to review my own actions, though. It showed what my strengths and weaknesses are. I was able to see my work differently and think about it in new ways. This helped me to enhance my nursing skills.

The English language was a challenge, but it was easy to deal with it because the English people I met were all polite, nice and funny. I enjoyed my time very much and already miss the mountains, people and work. Back in Germany I will try to integrate what I have learned and work on my weaknesses. Every time I am abroad it helps me to improve. It is very different from a holiday, working a real job with duties and tasks.

I lived a normal life in Maryport and so I became connected to the local community very quickly. This was good for my understanding of the language, and own reflection. From the very first day I became involved in the local social life and the job itself.

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