Workshop Audio CDs

Over the last couple of years, recording an audio CD has been by far the most popular request from our students and graduates!

These CDs have been recorded by Donna Druce, an articulate native English-speaker, with a very clear voice. The CD content covers all the vital information, phrases, conversations and keywords from our language courses.

Each audio course will be an excellent supplement to our workshops and handouts, allowing students to deepen their understanding and pronunciation away from the classroom. They will also be perfect for healthcare professionals who are unable to attend our workshops but would still like to improve their language skills.



Taking a small amount of time each day to listen to these spoken word courses will become an extremely effective learning aid.  Whether that’s in the car, on the train, while running, or just during a quiet moment at home… there’s really nothing better than immersing yourself in the language you are trying to learn.

Our range of audio CDs includes our two most popular language workshops:

English for Midwives

Including…Admission & Basic Care, Abdominal/Vaginal Examination, Foetal Positioning, 1st – 2nd – 3rd Stages of Labour, Postpartum, Woman & Baby Discharge.

English for Nurses

Including…Admission & Basic Care, Respiratory Problems, Wound Care, Diabetes Care, Pre & Post-operative Assessment, Patient Discharge.

We will be expanding our selection in the near future!

If you are interested in purchasing a CD please visit our online shop.

Price: €10 + Postage

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